Ride-On Mowing

(New Service)

If you have commercial grounds, a larger lawn area or have vacant land up to 6 acres, we can handle the maintenance with our Ride-on mowing service. If the block is sloped, our equipment is capable of operating on up to 15 degree slopes. We can also mow small parks and garden areas. Please call or email and book in a time to get a quote.

Tree Work

Trees are one of the most valuable features of any garden. As such investing in a professional service to help maintain them is very important. We can prune small to medium size trees (trees to around 8m in height) as well as fruit trees. If unfortunately a tree is looking too sick to recover, or was just the wrong tree for the spot - we can remove it for you.

Pruning & Hedge Clipping

Trained and experienced in many types of pruning methods, we can help you with all of your pruning needs. Regular hedge shaping, pruning of roses, pollarding, pleaching, and crown lifting or cleaning. Pruning should be done carefully and thoughtfully. Pruning is an essential part of any garden maintenance program.

Lawn Care

Our lawn service includes neatly trimming of edges, paths and other areas adjoining the turfed area are air-broomed. We can mulch mow, cut & catch or for heavier duty jobs utility mow. We can handle heavy slashing jobs as well. We are trained in turf maintenance, lawns need more attention than a regular mow. From time to time lawns require coring, scarifying, fertilizing and pest and weed control as well. We use well maintained equipment, ensuring you get a professional quality finish every time.


Garden Makeovers

If your garden is starting to look like it needs a bit of a lift - why not call us. We can help replace drought affected plants with hardy species that need very little water to maintain once established. You can have an attractive, drought tolerant garden. Its all about selecting your plants to suit the conditions and correct maintenance of them.


Irrigation is important in any garden. We can install new systems, or test, re-program and repair your current system. From a timer tap connection to multiple solenoids we can help you. It is essential that your irrigation system is operating efficiently and effectively. It will save you time, money and precious water.


Mulch is MAGIC. Mulch will improve your soil, suppress weeds and reduce your water requirements over the summer months by preventing evaporation and looks great. If you need to mulch your garden, we can help. From basic tree lopper mulch to decorative river rocks or red gum chips we can organise to deliver, supply and lay a mulch to suit your needs.

Weed Control

There is no such thing as a perfectly weed free garden. But weeds can be controlled. A program of weed spraying, hand removing and mulching will help you have a great looking garden. Weeds compete with your wanted plants, crowding them out and removing water, light and nutrient from your soil. We can even offer a few organic tips to help you control your weeds without harsh chemicals.

Vegetable Gardens

If you have a bit of time and a bit of space, are sick of paying the local supermarket for tasteless tomatoes, limp lettuce and fermented fruit, we can help you get a veggie patch planned and underway as well as selecting and supplying fruit trees. Growing your own is easy. It is also great little project to get the kids of any age outside and away from the TV, PC or Wii and fantastic exercise for everyone. All you need is a couple of square metres of space in a sunny spot in your yard to get started.



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